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If (or, more accurately, when) you die in ARK, you’ll have the option to either create a new character or continue on with your current one, maintaining your accrued levels, skills, Engrams and privileges.

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Generally speaking, if you’re new to the game, you’ll want to begin your adventure on the south coast, where resources are plentiful and deadly predators are less of a concern.However, you’ll have to contend with people – not just prehistoric creatures – intent on killing you if you opt for Pv P.As such, you might prefer to start your ARK career on a Pv E server, until you’ve got to grips with ARK’s sometimes confounding systems. Choose one of the categories on the left and double-click it.3. Type the name of the desired chat room in the search box at the top of the window.A number of options can be configured within this file - for more information take a look at the Server Configuration section of the ARK wiki. This small collection of internet pages will guide you from the preliminary stages of your prehistoric survival adventure in ARK: Survival Evolved right through to the, well, point where most of your deaths won’t usually be your own fault.