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Our writers explore and prepare you for the thoughts and feelings we all experience on our dating journey to keep things fun and interesting.

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I'm back from my long vacation where I visited four countries in Europe.I'm glad I had the opportunity to see new places, spend time with friends, and clear my mind. Sometimes men complaint that many girls are scammers and not serious at dating sites. When he starts to correspond or chat at dating site he meets wonderful, loving and caring girl who pays much attention to him. He strongly believe that she is her destiny and she will love him all her life. I want to tell about unsuccessful stories and why they happen. Every day more and more men and woman try to find their second half in different dating sites.There are things we all consider turn offs when it comes to guys.From the dating apps it's easy to be turned off by the guy sending dick pics. Or even the guy who only has a bunch of group photos with him being the only guy surrounded by a bunch of girls.So it all started after I made this status on my Instagram post.

Just remember one rule “If you think you know girl well that means you know nothing about her! She just wants to be sure in man that he is not greedy and thinks about a girl as the special girl.Thank you to all of you who supported our journey along the way and those who drop in here from time to time.I miss our little community, it seems we have all "moved on" from Blogsville but I will never forget the impact you all had on our lives.So I had this friend in school who I met through a mutual friend who happened to be my roomie and course mate as well so she was always coming to our place.We were in the same department but we were just the “Hi” and “Hello” I abandoned all of you to look for husband.I don't have time to try and decipher what you're trying to say to me.